Friday, April 29, 2011

Shopping trip

I don't fancy myself an "extreme" couponer, but I am pretty pleased with my shopping trip tonight and thought I would share it with everyone.

The following is what I got for free:
Most of the stuff I got at Target. I love how you can stack coupons there. There were a few other deals I took advantage of that I did not take pictures of. I took advantage of the Huggies deal and got three packages of Huggies for 8.99 each, received a $5.00 gift card which I used on my second transaction. I used three $2.00 coupons and paid a total of $15.97 or 5.32 per package. I have two sister-in-laws and a couple of friends that have babies on the way as well as my grand baby, and diapers make great gifts! I bought all packages in size 1 since they have the highest count of diapers in the package (50 versus 36) Someone told me that babies stay in the size one the longest too.

Another deal I took advantage of was the Claritin. Both of my kids take Claritin everyday as do I. I buy my allergy meds at Costco. The Kirkland brand is only $12.99 and there is 300 tablets to a bottle. Normal price for the instant dissolve tablets are $9.24 with coupon I spent $5.31. I had three coupons so I bought three boxes, totalling $15.93. Not bad, I just wish that was more than one months worth! The other kid takes the chewables and they come 20 to a box - but they have to chew two! The chewables are usually15.99, they were on ad for 14.39, I received $6.00 off so I paid $8.39.
I signed up for the Target Red debit card tonight. every time I use it I will save 5%. All you need is a blank check and your ID. Tonight I saved $5.80! in addition to my $0.20 for taking my own bags.

Below is my after Easter stock up also bought at Target:

Retail value of all the Easter stuff is: $77.80.  I paid a total of $21.33!! This includes 4 pairs of women's socks - perfect for my daughters Easter basket next year. 4 sets of plates, a tablecloth, Pixos, 7 egg decorating kits - including a Disney kit and a Star Wars kit, a stuffed dog, candy, two baskets hard back book for my unborn grandson! and other little things.

I look to many blogs for my information on all the great coupon deals and one that I just found and really enjoy is:

She is located in Alabama and her town along with several others have been devastated with the tornados. This weekend I am going to put together a box of donation items to send East.

Here is just one way you can help:


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