Monday, June 13, 2011

to move or not to move - that is the question???

So we have been thinking a lot about our pro's and con's with this whole moving situation. Right now we are leaning more towards not moving just yet. this is a huge relief to me right now, as I was feeling so very overwhelmed with the whole thing. Nothing is set in stone and there is a chance something may change - AGAIN. But for now, I am going to spend the summer with the kids doing fun stuff. continue organizing and getting rid of things.

Today is day 13 of our ~ No Eating Out for 30 Days ~ Challenge and so far so good! Yesterday I made: Clam Chowder, Baked Potato Soup, a batch of Taco meat, a desert, Pizza Crust Dough and one white chicken pizza (2 more crusts left) and I boiled 18 eggs for egg salad sandwiches. I have never made home made pizza crust before and was amazed at how easy it was! If I can just get my thickness and the shape of the crust right - I don't think I will do it any other way!~

Sunday, June 5, 2011


5 Days into our no eating out challenge. $0.00 spent!

Thursday I had a car show committee meeting and my son had a baseball game away from home. This is one of the hardest times of the year. All of my meetings are in a restaurant and we have 6 out of 9 baseball games away from home. But so far so good!

Thursday I made dinner early at 4pm so we weren't hungry at the game or my meeting. Of course the boy was hungry after the game, but dad cooked up something for them. Saturday we had a baseball tournament, with the first game starting at 11, then 1 then 4. Luckily it was at our park which is just a couple blocks away! So I came home and made sandwiches and threw together a bean soup in the crock pot.

This week is my big meeting week and I will be eating at the Chamber Luncheon on Wednesday but my meals are already paid for the year by our business.

So far so good. Now I am off to make a grocery list, clip coupons and make a meal menu for the week.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Sun Goes Down

The Sun Goes Down - New Medicine

The sun goes down,
Now you're coming apart, I keep falling apart.
And the sun comes up,
Now I don't know where to start, I keep falling apart.

And the whole damn world
Keeps on breaking my heart, I don't know where to start.
And I can't have my head in circles,
Round and round and round in circles, yeah.

I'm at the mercy of a wasted love,
And all the things that pass me by,
And everything I used to be,
Is coming back to torture me.

I don't know,
If I'll ever bounce back, if I'll ever get it back,
Down the end of this road and it never takes me home,

I can't have my head in circles,
Round and round and round in circles, yeah.

I'm at the mercy of a wasted love,
And all the things that pass me by,
And everything I used to be,
Is coming back to torture me.

The promises in all my dreams,
I'm broken now, it's all I see.

Don't you lie to me,
I know that I'm not free,
Don't you lie to me,
I know that I'm not free.

[Guitar Solo]

I'm at the mercy of a wasted love,
And all the things that pass me by,
And everything I used to be,
Is coming back to torture me.

My eyes are blind and all I see
As all the world laughs at me,
A darkened light cries out for me,
I wish everyone would let me be.

The sun goes down,
I keep coming apart, I keep falling apart 

Friday, June 3, 2011

That Dirty "M" word

MOVING - ugh I thought we were done. We seriously had decided to stay in this house  (insert little boy from the movie The Sandlot) FOR EV ER. My oldest is 7 years away from 18, Bailey is only two years behind that. We wanted to travel and be able to have the freedom to do what we please, when we please, and we could do that in this house.

We are just now coming to the conclusion that this was never our house, wish we would have come to that conclusion before we put a crap load of money into our "rental."  I do hope my "mother" just saying that word makes me throw up in my mouth a little, enjoys all the upgrades to this house. Of course I don't think she will because I don't see how she can pay the mortgage payment without a J.O.B.

On the up side we have found a beautiful NEW construction home- bigger mortgage, less projects, I am all for it. After going through the receipts of all the projects, upkeep on this house - sod, sprinklers, construction, concrete, fencing, etc, we could pretty much double our mortgage payment. The new house has it all and more.

So for now - I am stressing, packing, cleaning, organizing, stressing some more, getting ready for a HUGE yard sale and stressing some more.
The kids are both wrecks. They will be going to new schools in a new much larger town. I am trying to be as patient as possible. I honestly think this will be a great change. I think it will be easier for me to make the changes that I have been wanting to make in my life. I know that my kids will be fine and I wouldn't consider making this move if I didn't.

I am going to focus on the positive:
* NEW house
*3 bedroom 2 full bath (in working order)
*3 car garage
* Fully fenced, mature lawn, auto sprinklers
*pantry, linen closet, coat closet-three things that this house lacks that I would LOVE!
* house has a country feel, while still being in a sub-division meaning it has a paved street, sidewalks, etc
* larger city with more than one grocery store, that stays open later than 8pm!
*PIZZA DELIVERY!! to my DOOR! awesomeness!

I am hoping to move at the end of July giving me plenty of time to get packed, move, unpack and get settled before the kids start their new school on August 17th.
My courage for the week:

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 tough days

Today begins day one of NO EATING OUT. 30 days and we are not going to eat out. My son begins his baseball season tomorrow and we have a ton of away games. Time to get creative!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Sometimes things are just completely out of our control. For me #1 was falling in love with my husband. I am 100% sure and positive that The Big Guy had everything to do with THAT situation. Number #2 was when we moved to Idaho in 2006, I know that He moved us here so I could be here for my step-dad and little sister when he had his triple bypass heart surgery and when my mom left, or came back and left again, and again, and well you get the picture.

"He" is at it again and it looks like we are moving North about 50 miles to Mountain Home Idaho. A Military town of about 15,000 people. My husband is going to be taking a full time job at the base he currently works at and this will put us right in between that job and the business we still own here.

We are working on buying a house and I am trying to not get too excited. I always hate that falling on face when you get your hopes up about something and then you are brought crashing down to reality! I am leaving it up to The Big Guy because he knows whats best for our family. He has already convinced me so far! More to come.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Today has been a good day. I think the best thing has been that it has been just like every other
Sunday where we just hang out and relax. My family didn't go out of their way to make it over the top. Extra hugs and the kids are better about doing things the first time I ask, but I like that all of our relaxing Sundays feel like Mothers Day!

Mothers day is tough for me, I no longer have a relationship with my mom and yet she is still in my life. My little sister has been raised by her dad which is my step-dad and my family. She is 16 and one of my best friends! I seriously don't know what I would do without her! And I am so very proud of the Lady she is growing up to be. I know today is hard for her and I understand.

I have been super busy organizing my life! I will have pictures to come soon. I have been going through everything!! If I don't have a place for it, I either find a place or I donate it. I have been organizing my totes and putting vinyl on them to mark what is in each of them. I am not finished but already feel so much better!

What I am doing is not just organizing and cleaning but this process is very emotional too. I was raised by a mother who believes heavily in retail therapy.Usually yard sale, flea market, antique store, retail therapy. Always with the intention of  "resale" which never seemed to happen. The salt and pepper shakers, sugar containers, plates, bowls, knick knacks all added up until she just couldn't take it anymore and she left.

I know that hoarding is not genetic - but even the small amount of stuff that my household has been holding onto has become oppressive. It makes me physically ill and I find myself shutting down. I made a decision about two weeks ago to do something about it!

Last week we cleaned out our storage unit and what a relief that was!! It was just a great feeling to take a full truck load to the donation trailer and fill a dumpster with stuff. Stuff I no longer had to hold onto just because I at one time payed money for it so it must be worth money now. Or because I could resell it in a yard sale or at a booth in the flea market - which I never do because I don't like to! But my mom did! ugh!

I am not my mother. I would never willingly leave my children! I will not keep things I no longer need. I will no longer engage in retail therapy where I buy things I do not need to make me feel better at the time. I will finish this project! Happy Mothers Day!