Monday, May 23, 2011


Sometimes things are just completely out of our control. For me #1 was falling in love with my husband. I am 100% sure and positive that The Big Guy had everything to do with THAT situation. Number #2 was when we moved to Idaho in 2006, I know that He moved us here so I could be here for my step-dad and little sister when he had his triple bypass heart surgery and when my mom left, or came back and left again, and again, and well you get the picture.

"He" is at it again and it looks like we are moving North about 50 miles to Mountain Home Idaho. A Military town of about 15,000 people. My husband is going to be taking a full time job at the base he currently works at and this will put us right in between that job and the business we still own here.

We are working on buying a house and I am trying to not get too excited. I always hate that falling on face when you get your hopes up about something and then you are brought crashing down to reality! I am leaving it up to The Big Guy because he knows whats best for our family. He has already convinced me so far! More to come.

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