Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is upstairs and runs almost the full length of the house. Here is our stairwell. I would like to pull off all the nasty carpet and stain the treads a dark wood color - you know like all the hot bloggers are doing (or have done!)
Please disregard the mis-matched frames and photos. Another project - another blog post!

I think the people who lived here before put on the sheet rock mud with a paint roller and then didn't knock down the points. I have seriously cut my knuckles and cut my head on these little points SOOOO I took a putty knife to the wall before I painted it!
After: not perfect but much better!
Warm Caramel by Glidden

If you look at the right of the picture you can see that I have started the dark brown color on the bottom half of the wall. I can not decide if I want to bring the Caramel color up and over the ceiling or just to the ceiling. What would you do? I will hopefully have more photos soon. I have been trying to decrapify my room!

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