Friday, February 4, 2011

Need organization now....

I feel like a thirsty person, trudging through the desert under the hot sun...."need organization." huff puff, dry mouth... "need organization now"

this is my desk at work: (one of them)
See that pile of paperwork on the right hand corner? My husbands military schedule is in there somewhere. Also in that pile: receipts - personal and business, coupons, these cute little lunchbox notes that I really want to cut out and put in my kids lunches, Bills, tax paperwork, registration stickers for our motorcycles, (I am facebooking my aunt for her mailing address that she has given me at least three times already!) and this cool 2011 Resolution packet that I printed off from : 

I actually filled it out last night COMPLETELY!  My number 1 goal : GET ORGANIZED!!

Here is my other desk:
I can't even begin to tell you what this stuff is, I'm too embarrased.

A little bit about WHY I want to be more organized. The paperwork is killing me! I look at my piles and just shut down!
These are the "hats that I wear":
Business owner (currently own & run 3 of them)
Sec. Chamber of Commerce
Director Library Board
Treasurer of local Youth Athletics
Director of Baseball Ages 4-15

I have 2 grade school aged kids that are both very active: Football, dance, baseball, boy scouts etc.

I have a 15 year old sister that is like my first child. She is very active and we love to go to movies, concerts, and shopping of course!

I have a Step-son who lives in Utah. He will be 18 this month and is making us Grandparents in August! (that is a whole other post blog!)

My husband and I run our 8-6 Monday through Friday Business together. So I work full time, but have the advantage of being the boss which allows me to make my own schedule. Down fall: I can sit and blog all day and not actually work because I am the BOSS!

My husband is also in the Military.

We LOVE to travel - so that makes me the Travel Agent

I plan all parties and events - Event Planner

I pay all the bills and do all of the budgeting.

I have a lot on my plate and right now it is all in one big heap! I like my paperwork just like the food on my plate - all seperated into neat little piles!

So I have decided to link up to a bowl full of lemons and commit to her weekly challenges. #1 is the Family/Home binder which I plan on putting together this weekend while the hubs is working for Uncle Sam.

Have a Wonderful weekend and Thanks for Stopping by!


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  1. Ah, organizing. It's a not-so-secret passion of mine. I LOVE to organize. You have inspired me - I will now clean off my desk! Thanks!