Monday, February 7, 2011

Home Management Binder

I am participating in A bowl full of lemons weekly organization challenge and Week #1 is the home management binder.

I worked on it over the weekend and this is what I came up with:

 I bought the binder at Office Max and I can't wait to dust off my vinyl cutter and fancy it up!

The inside pocket will hold the "right now" paperwork. The first page is a fabulous quote that I will share with you in another post.
My tabs are just post it notes stuck on because I wanted to be able to move things around if I didn't like the order and I am glad I did it that way because I want to move "Finances" up.
Currently I have the following tabs:
To Do
Menu Planning
RevvNRG (a business of ours)

I have a few open places just in case I need to add
Medical is a little different - Each member has a sheet protector with a copy of his/her birth certificate and social security card ( I actually made a few copies of the card and the certificate together and put 4 copies for each person) Then in each sheet protector goes their immunization card, health insurance card, dental insurance card and military ID card (for our kids)

A few of these sections will take me a little while to get used to. The cleaning list section I am thinking of laminating a few lists so the kids can take a list for a room and go to town cleaning!

The menu planning is empty right now, but I really like the system my friend Peggy uses. I tried it before and it really was easy and worked so I am going to try that again. I will share when I find something that works!

I am super excited that my important stuff is now all together! Now whatever doesn't go in the binder will need to be filed - THAT is a whole other post for sure! But I am pleased my desk piles are now cleared!

This is my 2011 resolutions and they go something like this:
#1 Purge and organize house & business so that there is more time to enjoy life
#2 Get Fit - excercise regularly, eat better, continue to drink more water (I just recently stopped drinking soda!!) My ideal weight is 125 - I am currently (I can't believe I am gonna post this!) 188 so my goal is to lose 63 pounds!
#3 Get financially fit.

I am going to go work on some spreadsheets for my binder now! Happy Monday!

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  1. Hi! We're neighbors on the link party for this challenge. Smart idea to use post it's as moveable divider tabs! I like your quote, too - very motivational. Was she maybe married to Gordon Hinkley? I also used quotes and cartoons on each divider page in my binder. I love a good quote.