Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring Fever - Before and After

So this weekend my family and I worked on going through "stuff." We took 2 long bed pickup truck loads to the thrift store. Toys, clothes, movies, more toys, blankets....the list goes on.

My camera battery was dead so I was not able to take any photos.

We live in southern Idaho and it is still bitter cold here! but I am going to show you a few photos of our back yard transformation. I am getting itchy to begin work outside again!

The above photo was taken June of 2009. Our back yard is HUGE! (What you can't see to the left of  the photo is the path leads to a little guest house that began as a shed! Photos to come later!)

This is what our back yard looks like now, well it did in October of 2010. We put up our favorite fence along the right side of the yard. That was our big splurge because those 8 foot panels at Home Depot are 60+ bucks each! The back fence is made up of 8 foot sheets of corrugated tin. Those we bought for 8 dollars per sheet, I believe they were 4 feet by 30 feet.
At the end of the path there is a fire pit. There used to be a sand box but it met it's fateful end at the hand of Mr. Tractor. We seeded the dirt on either side of the path with grass seed the weekend that we took these photos.
I have big plans that involve a pond, a covered deck and a garden!

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